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Edmonton, AB
Assistant Principal with Edmonton Catholic Schools
Interests: Technology, School Improvement, Team building and helping people to become their best.
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Hi Bill, Great slide. A good reminder that, as school leaders, if we don't continue to learn then we are dead in the water. I think I am going to add The Innovators DNA to my summer reading list. Derek
Hi Bill, Thanks for the new desktop background. I love the quote, the metaphor (or is that a simile) and the slide! Hope you are well... Derek
Hi Bill, Great slide! I always tell people that we have been working since the industrial revolution to get to this point in education...we are not going to change things over night. Thanks for the visual... Derek
Hi Bill, This is a brilliant piece. I am a sucker for sports analogies in education. Team work is extremely important, as you have educators, we make gains when we belong to functional team. As Dan Winters says above, the key ingredient is trust. Trust in each other, in the organization, and in ourselves.
Hi Bill, I can certainly appreciate your frustration with the journey to KNOW where. You made me think about what my own kids are learning in school...they are in grades 3 and 5 and they seem to be doing lots of projects and activities. I went on-line to look at the curriculae and it is written to provide teachers with some flexibility to explore. I thought you might be interested in this document about the development of our provincial curriculum. I also thought this was a cool document...the entire grade 6 curriculum ON ONE PAGE. In talking to Div 2 (grade 4-6) teachers, many of the curricular outcomes fit nicely together and teachers will develop projects and activities that cover cross-curricular outcomes. Does this interest you?
Gotta love those guys from Alberta! Always good for a few laughs. I keep telling you, have to come to the Great White North and meet more of us. Thanks to Gerry for sharing the video. I grew up in Red Deer, not far from where Gerry is working in Wolf Creek. Great golf course at Wolf Creek! Thanks for the post, are right, the job of the teacher gets more and more challenging every year. Teachers are expected to be everything to everyone... Derek
Bill, Thanks for introducing me to the Speaker podcasting tool. I love the way it works and looks on your blog! I really connected with what you say about Biographies. One should choose biographies based on the theme rather than on the person. I am also a fan of biographies. I recently read the story of John Lennon, as told by his sister. Even though I am not a big fan of his, I gained an appreciation of what was going on in the world at this time. Also, I learned about English culture which prompted me to speak to my dad (also English) about growing up in England and the differences between English and Canadian culture. Thanks for the podcast. As you said in a previous post, it is great to be able to put a voice to a name. I actually thought that you would have more of a southern accent based on the way you toss "y'all" around. Makes sense, eh? Derek
Great story, Bill...thanks for sharing. This is an awesome tool! The first thought I had was to get our ELL kids to use it to tell the story about coming to Canada. For example, we have some students from Sudan who had to move to Egypt in order to become eligible to immigrate to Canada. Tripline would be a great way for them to tell their story!
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Hi Bill, I definitely agree with you. Report cards are NO place for advertising to appear. I could not imagine selling out my school like that. There always seem to be school leaders that make decisions that make all of us look bad! Thaks for sharing the news and giving us a place to share our views. Derek
Hi Bill, Thanks for sharing your reading list. I am especialling interested in the Google book and the Walter Payton story. You are right, it is enlightening and refreshing to read stuff that is not education based. I find that no matter what I read, there is always applications to education. I actually find that some of the latest education and leadership books are starting to get rather "cliche". Anyway, thanks for the post. It is always great to get some titles... Derek
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Bill, You have hit the nail right on the head with this post, my friend. We need to model appropriate use of social media spaces for our kids...that is how they learn. Thanks for the piece. I look forward to sharing it with others. Derek
Hi again Bill, Thanks for the reply. I agree, connecting with the community is HUGE! We value the relationships that we have with all of the members of our community. Just to clarify...our school district is a publically funded Catholic school district
Hi Bill, Great post! These are all great ways to use Twitter in a high school. Many of our students have embraced the use of Twitter in school. I believe that we need to model appropriate use of social media for our students. I have recently created a general Twitter account for my school and I use it to tweet out reminders, encouragement, kudos and pictures. This has been well received by staff and students alike. The other day, I was walking down the hallway and a student said to me, "Hey Mr. Hatch, thanks for the re-tweet!" I had never met that student before. I have noticed that many of our alumni are following the school Twitter account and are staying connected. I am indebted to you, Bill, as you are the one who turned me on to Twitter in the first place.
Such a great piece, Bill. An awesome follow up to the "love labs" bit. You are right, team work is extremely important in our work as educators. I have seen so many teams of teachers that discover but don't deliver. I have worked on teams that are fun to be part of because everyone understood their role and strengths. Thanks for an incredible well written and researched piece...your use of quotations from the text are inspiring! Derek
Bill, This is going to serve as an awesome resource. Thanks so much for directing me to it. Derek
Hi Bill, It is great to see another post from you. I don't know how you do it...maybe in NC there is more than 24 hours in a day?? Anyway, as I was reading your article, a thought ran through my head. I wonder if the #edpolicy makers work collaboratively or in isolation. I wonder if they feel the same competition with other policy makers that you feel as a teacher. Do they network with others as they create policies that affect so many people? Your thoughts? Derek
You know, Bill, as teachers we are our own worst enemies. We want people to treat us like professionals but many of us don't act that way. How many times have you heard a teacher say, "I'm just a teacher." As you say, we act as public punching bags. We need to stand together as a group of professionals and let everyone know what a difficult job we do. As RR says, we need to deal with the issues and fight the battles. It takes a special person to be a great teacher!
Hi Bill, I have no opinion to share on this subject...I just wanted to commend you for starting such a spirited discussion. I am amazed by the comments that you receive and I admire the way you acknowledge each one. You are the man! Derek
What an awesome post! You have definitely hit the nail on the head, my friend. Learning is personal and must come from within. The people who give you inspiration will change based on what it is you want to learn. I was disappointed to see that the score was being counted with respect to educators using Twitter. I guess this practice is similar to evaluating teachers based on how well their kids do on standardized tests?
Bill, You have summed up my thoughts in your post. I know many people who have gone to ISTE and from the sounds of things, they are having a magnificent time...learning and laughing. It would be great to be there, hanging out with some of the people that we connect with through Twitter and blogs. I recently had the opportunity to visit George Couros at his school in Stony Plain, AB and that was an awesome morning. It had such an impact that I wrote a post about it. I can't imagine going to a conference with all of my PLN mates...that would be HUGE! OK, here's the plan...let's put in a bid to present at ISTE next year in San Diego.
Bill, I love the assignment that you gave these two lads! It is totally do-able for them and not too onerous. I think they will enjoy the assignment and will have notes to refer to when they come back to NC and make a presentation to the class. I admire your approach with this situation...many teachers get upset by students taking holidays during the school year. You definitely care about your kids and you want what is best for them. They are lucky to have you. Derek
Hi Bill (and others), I recently had the opportunity to attend a Google workshop. I was overwhelmed by the search features which have been developed. We spent the greater part of the morning searching with timeline, wonderwheel, reading level, etc. One of my colleagues remarked that by using timeline to search terms like iron, steel, could learn a ton about the industrial revolution. Here is a link to the notes that I took during the session. P.S. the google URL shortener also tracks how many times your shortened links get clicked
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Jun 10, 2011