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Rachel Hattig
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Well bob, the only thing white trash is you that I see here. You were attacked by one animal and now you want them all dead...Hm sounds like a shit guy who got beat up by one black guy and now hate's black people. Do you know that they have a word for people like you? You are a speciesist . Your condition is also associated with racism since the two go hand in hand. This trait was also found in the NAZIS. "David Sztybel holds that the treatment of animals can be compared to the Holocaust in a valid and meaningful way. In his paper Can the Treatment of Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust? using a thirty-nine-point comparison Sztybel asserts that the comparison is not offensive and that it does not overlook important differences, or ignore supposed affinities between the human abuse of fellow animals, and the Nazi abuse of fellow humans." The fact that you allow your fear to contribute to the extermination of an entire species makes you less that white trash. It makes you wasted space on this planet and we don't have space for evil people like yourself. Change your ways or reap the consequences of your bate and burn in hell when you die and are judged.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on My Now Colorful Pit Bull Bite at The Sudden Curve
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Mar 23, 2010