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Lynn, May I suggest perhaps boating or better yet rafting the Missouri River as part of your South Dakota big year plans? In the 1980's I was living in Nebraska and rafted a considerable amount of the Lewis & Clark Trail along the Missouri River in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska/Iowa and Nebraska/Missouri. In excess of 500miles as I recall my logs. This was before I was birding, but I do recall always being in the company of birds as the current would sweep me near one shore or the other; or even midstream as well as overhead. Just a thought. Lots of indian reservation land borders the Missouri River, and that area is not easily accessible by other means. USCG (United States Coast Guard) offers an excellent spiral bound set of river maps to help in planning put in and take out spots. Al least they did in the 1980's. Good luck! Arnie Hauswald ABA member Houston, Texas
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2011 on WHAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF A BIG YEAR? at ABA Blog
Thank you, Laura, and a well done tribute. RIP Mr. Bruun. And thanks, Nick, for forwarding this. The field guide you imaged is the same one my mother used in her bird watching. I still have it, and go to it on occasion as a curiousity comparison reference to what modern day field guides offer. Arnie Hauswald Houston, Texas ABA Member
I'm not an experienced birder, but I'm up for giving the ESKIMO CURLEW one last shot and being or not being. My big, thick Nat Geo reference states 'probably extinct'. Twice. "The two most likely places to search for this bird are along the upper Texas coast from late March through mid-April and along the Labrador coast August through September". (NatGeo, 2006, p.203) What the hey, even I know a WHIMBREL when I see one, so differentiating between the two should not be a problem. And, since I bird this area, I'd be for supporting one last effort to contribute to the birds' existence or not. Arnie Hauswald ABA Member
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2011 on One last go-round for Eskimo Curlew at ABA Blog
Northen Mockingbird for me. Fairly common in my corner of the world. State Bird of Texas it is. At a park close by not long ago I had my experience with expectation. I was ready to see a new bird; so my mind gave me one. Sighted a perched bird, and using my best stealth, approached cautiously. Two or three careful steps; then a glance through the binoculars. Then again, and agin. I got close. Real close. It flew. So did I. Back to my truck and my Sibley field guide. I was ready to make that sighting anything but what it was. Try as I might, I couldn't make it anything but what it was - a Northern Mockingbird. I was so ready for a new sighting. Alas, it was what it was and was soon back in its territory on its perch, mocking my sighting, as it were. At first I was embarrassed. I looked about. Had anyone seen? Should I journal this? Who should I tell? A secret for keeping between the almighty and me? But in the end, it became a lesson on expectation and also gave me the opportunity to see my beloved Northern Mockingbird in yet again one of its many guises. Good blog post. Fun read. Arnie Hauswald Houston, Texas ABA Member
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on Overcoming Expectation at ABA Blog
Jeff and ABA Staff, At last! Arriving today via USPS my much anticipated Mar 2011 Birding issue. I am not disappointed. Have already affixed the sticker to the rain/food guard of my binos. And the Mar Birding cover is to die for. Keep up the great work in putting the ABA's 'best wing' forward. And special thanks for taking the time to note that the 2011 BoY is not sipplanting the ABA logobird. Very thoughtful on you and your staffs part. Arnie Hauswald Houston, Texas ABA Member
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Apr 1, 2011