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Where did you go? Well when I have time to think on my own accords it's on topics of infinity and infinitesimal (I think of others of course). It's one of the most used subjects within my field and used in almost anything I do, yet it still astounds me when I read more papers or books by people in my field. Truth goes into fields as Model Theory and Proof Theory. While I'm being narrow on how I define truth (as it's one of the only way's I know how too). Truth in itself is defined from fact or of reality. It also helps exams falsehoods . There is purpose in truth is to see falsehoods which one was seen otherwise. We are here not to go by the means of worshiping old and established ways that were proven correct during it's time (or asserted as such) rather to judge in programmatic means to advance our understanding. This is by no means easy or in anyway a path the leads to answers right away, but the goal is to advance understanding to get a answer that can be tested.
Some where over the rainbow.... Is is on earth? If so that is a good guess. Now is it a place on the great island of Britain? That is the first guess.
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Jul 27, 2011 Come Sweet Death~Johann Sebastian Bach 39'~Queen Time~Pink Floyd
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May 23, 2011