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What's wrong with seeking the spotlight? Isn't that what we are all doing right here - airing our views on issues of concern? What the hell is wrong with that?
@Caseyedwardsd, I hate Sarah Palin more than Eric Zorn does. I stand alone on the summit of Mt. Hating Sarah.
"The only context in which I see "BHO" in prose these days is in critical references to Obama. " Eric's observation from an earlier thread still seems to ring true. To me, it falls in the category of "democrat party;" it's a signaling mechanism. It's a little spot of velcro in the otherwise smooth corduroy in some of the above comments. The example of Obama's annoyed response to reporters asking about contraception "Come on, guys," doesn't seem a good parallel to Romney using a jackhammer on the nerfball. Obama was having a photo op with the Italian PM and presumably wanted to focus on European and Italian economic issues. Should the President answer every question that the press throws at him, even at events dedicated to other issues? I find it a little embarrassing when the domestic press quizzes a national official about a provincial issue while the foreign guest smiles politely, ignored to the side. To me, Mitt Romney's answer seemed d*ckish and petulant.
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And here's Santorum - So, DaveB, how many do you need?
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How about Newt Gingrich? Let me google that for you . . . Let me google that for you . . . How about Mitt Romney? The quickest of google searches shows that Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Liz Cheney, John McCain, all opposed "Ground Zero Mosque." So did Republican pundits like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol. While it may be be a 100 pct overlap, It seems pretty fair to say that "many of the same people" who claim that Obama wages a "war on religion" felt pretty strongly that the "ground zero mosque" must be stopped.
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MCN, it's not my beliefs that are the topic for debate here. The topic is Santorum's. And yes, I find him a smug, close-minded, all you can eat at the Golden Corral cafeteria Catholic and since he's presenting himself as a moral authority, then he deserves to be criticized for this. He can't argue that his policies derive their rightness from Catholic teaching without being called out for rejecting the parts of Catholic teaching that are inconvenient for him. But I'm arguing in bad faith? You're suggesting that I'm advancing an argument that I know to be false. Really? I explained before why brilliant people agree with me. I want to talk about the other side of the picture. I’ve come to the realization that people who disagree with me are just arguing in bad faith. How do I know? Well, when I get into an argument, no one who disagrees with me ever says anything I find persuasive. They never even come close. It seems to me that if a person who disagrees with me were smart and acted in good faith, surely he would say something that persuaded me (even if only a little). But since that never happens, people who disagree with me must be either stupid or acting in bad faith. I’m a generous person, so I won’t assume the other guy is stupid. And that leads me to conclude, reluctantly, that people who disagree with me are arguing in bad faith. Thanks for the generosity.
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@MCN - De Humanae Vitae's injunction against the death penalty carries exactly the same theological weight as the injunction against abortion and contraception. How then can you wave away Santorum's hypocrisy? And @TomB, the difference is that 99% of catholics aren't trying to forces others to live according to their cherry-picked versions of catholic theology. Santorum is.
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First, Charlie is ahead of the game. He's bright and engaging; he has loving and empathetic parents who will focus their considerable talents on helping him. When parenting gets tough, as it inevitably does, I often think of T.S. Eliot's line "Every attempt is a wholly new start, and a different kind of failure." How many times have I muttered to myself, well, that's another, different kind of failure. Didn't see that one coming. That feeling of failing your kids is just the worst. I try not to indulge it for more than a pint of haagen-dazs or a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. Then, back to the wholly new start. Second, I trademarked Asshole Parent, so all of y'all owe me money.
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It's Pa's neer-do-well money blindness that enrages me - stop borrowing money, you idiot Charles! In every dadblame book, Pa's got some stupid scheme that going to make him a fortune, and then he borrows money against it, and the scheme doesn't work out (remember the grasshoppers?) and then they're screwed, AGAIN. An organ, PA, really? And how come every other building in the new town of De Smet is rented out profitably, except for Pa's moneypit? Didn't Laura omit the story of their sojourn in Iowa, where the family skipped out of town owing lots of money . . . And the part about the infertile Boasts' trying to adopt Rose always breaks my heart.
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