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I sometimes wonder whether I'd rather have right-wing fascists, doctrinaire Marxists, religious fanatics, or social science liberals like Gribben ruling the world with an iron fist I'll take Marxists for 200, Alex. At least with them you know what you're in for. The rest are too batshit insane to have thought anything through.
Thanks so much for this post. MMT makes so much sense, it's no wonder it's not considered mainstream (!) I just wish it was called MM(something else) because, as you said, the part regular folks like me need to understand is how our modern monetary system works, and the word "theory" can distract from that mission. Something like Modern Monetary Excitment, or something less silly. MMT needs a re-branding. Ugh, what a horrible word! Keep up the good work.
Love Actually? (Hand up) guilty pleasure. Sigh...But point taken. Glad I'm not the only one who liked Girl in the Cafe. "No one dies today." Someone died. Actually two. "Be the best of humanity." They were not. Both of which in themselves made this a worthwhile episode. And here we thought SM was too chicken to kill anyone. So this basically had a very unhappy ending, which for NuWho is rare, though not a first (Waters of Mars, to name one, not sure if there are more.) Again, makes it an interesting ep, despite the iffy execution. If they're cutting so much -- isn't someone meant to plan ahead on that? Whatever, still loving it.
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Found you by way of Ian Welsh and, boy, am I glad I did. This story has made my day, and I was having a pretty damn good one already!
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It seems like Matt is aiming more at the kids. He seems to have a more child-like sense of wonder than DT. But then I've only seen 2 short promos. Was that David Morrisey at the end?
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Feb 26, 2010