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My hubby and I joke that the little guy, now 11 months old, is getting himself a scholarship to Stanford. But in all seriousness, it's frightening how high the bar is here, especially after seeing the local semi-finalists' submissions to that Intel high school science contest. Kids doing RNA research and writing network matrix programs? In high school? Oh My God. Do I ever feel like a total slacker now, both in my own academic CV and in my parenting. My husband and I are determined that we're not going to push the little man to compete, no matter what his peers are doing. Instead, we're both committed to making him excited about learning, unlike what our parents did, which was just to say "You WILL go to college" and leaving it at that. Yes, we want him to do well academically, but we're not going to lean on him such that his SAT score defines who he is. Instead, we want his interests and his passions to be his success. If he wants to be a doctor, that's fine. If he wants to be a mechanic that's fine too. But no matter what, we want him to pursue an education beyond high school, whether it's med school or a trade school. It doesn't matter to us as long as he makes himself a decent place in life and he enjoys what he's doing to keep the roof over his head.
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