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One of the saddest things is that the general public is unaware of the stranglehold on media by the pharmaceutical industry. They control the narrative. I almost wish JB would not keep telling Pharma about how unvaccinated all we adults are. You know they are going to come after us so they can protect their horribly false concept of vaccine derived "herd immunity." I taught in inner city schools for almost fifteen years. The only time I ever got sick was in 1987 when I got pressured into getting a flu shot. I became jaundiced shorty after and deathly ill. I almost died. The only way we are going to end this holocaust is to repeal the law that allows Direct to Consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals in our media, and then we must get the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act repealed.
I lay it at the foot of the cross every day and night. I do worry. My son has no siblings. I have no family I would trust to care for him. Those we would trust are older than we are. I lay it at the foot of the cross: "Dear Lord, who is going to watch over him when we are gone? who will love him as I do and do for him as I do? I cannot bear the thought of him being mistreated or harmed, used or abused. He has only ever known love and compassion." Thinking about what could happen to him without me around to protect him is my own private hell. And then I move forward in my resolve - to get him to independence, and my prayer becomes for god to let me live long enough to accomplish it. Or never let me die until he does. You are so blessed to have other children who love and I am certain will always watch over him. I do trust in Our Lord. He's carried us through so much, so I know somehow that he will lead me to the answer of this constant worry I have somehow. Your beautifully written article reminds me to stand firm in my faith.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2018 on Autism At The Foot of the Cross at AGE OF AUTISM
I will be forever grateful to Andy who showed me how to get back the quality of my son's life and his health after he was mercury poisoned by vaccines. there are just not enough words to express my gratitude for all the advice and information he gave to us over the years. My son would never have had a chance at an independent life without Andy Cutler. He will be missed.
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Oct 22, 2012