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Well, this is frustrating. My prior comment was directed at Craig. I might have to just sign up for a TypePad account, or cease attempting to comment on TypePad blogs. David: "It's a well known fact that many aggressive 5 point types do not like Dr. Caner due to his strong opposition to aggressive 5 point Calvinism." It is also a well known fact that plenty of non-Calvinists also believe that Dr. Caner is lying. The defenders of Dr. Caner are doing their best to ignore this fact, but it is true. As a matter of fact, one of the leading bloggers in this incident, FBC Jax Watchdog, is a free will site. Their motivation for getting involved was that it was their church that Dr. Caner came to shortly after September 11th and made his "until the age of 15 I was in Islamic youth jihad training to do what was done on 11 September" comments. The people present interpreted those comments to mean that Dr. Caner was literally in training to be a murderous terrorist in the equivalent of some Hamas or Al Qaeda camp, and as Dr. Caner made those statements to an audience that he was fully aware knew next to nothing about Islam without providing for them the context that Dr. Geisler just got around to explaining 9 years after the fact, how else were those comments supposed to be interpreted? And again, the charges that Calvinists are trying to destroy Dr. Caner is either A) asserting that these Calvinists are not Christians or B) is slander against other Christians. There is no middle ground, and the fact that you yourself do not seem to much like "aggressive 5 point Calvinists" does not absolve you of Biblical responsibility when you are making charges against them.
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Craig: This is Job trying again, as signing in using Facebook did not allow me to comment. I repeat, I do not endorse everything that Liberty University's administration does. Nor should you. Not all "Calvinists" like the term either, but realize that they are stuck with it. "Hyper-Calvinist" is a perjorative that should only be used to describe those whose views obviously contradict scripture, such as those who reject the Great Commission. And all fundamentalists and "conservative evangelicals" made decisions on who is "regenerate" (or "saved or "born again"), otherwise it would be impossible to have church discipline or choose church officers.
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Jul 11, 2010