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Incredible work. Completely nails the nature of the 'dis-ease.'
The human voice is unmistakable (and, at least today), can not be entirely suppressed. Thanks for speaking from your truth. Transparency is a powerful cleansing agent. and social media is democratizing conversations in a way that apparently threatens some. Kudos Renee!
Gordon, if one views the ACO via the traditional lens of PHOs or IDN's where the institutional partner is center stage and physician participation is either token or tethered to a majority non physician managing partner, I would say your fears are well founded, I do however believe, there is room enough for granular innovation in the new law particularly as it relates to patient centered medical homes or an aggregated version effectively constituting an ACO or even super/networked ACO. Love the visual! See some of my thoughts here:
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May 6, 2010