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Mar 15, 2010
I'm not sure about the original encoding. I know that it was ripped to MP3 using Audacity for the final master. I've played it in my car, and the quad effects work beautifully.
Thanks for the info on the date. At last we've got one for a J's with Jamie album. It's interesting that the packaged "oldies" sound goes back that far, as I'd always thought of it as a '70s invention for the older listeners who were frightened by what was playing on FM radio. Then again, plenty of people were scared by The Beatles in the early '60s.
Given the very wry style of the song and the fact that it's on Columbia, which was Dorothy Shay's label, I believe that it is her. She's not singing as The Park Avenue Hillbilly character, so this would be from earlier in her career.
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