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Lost in my thoughts
A sleepy young being who enjoys poking the universe with a stick.
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CERN recently published a paper, the first by the CLOUD project, looking at the effects of ammonia, sulphuric acid and galactic cosmic rays on the nucleation of aerosols in the atmosphere.[1] This has been seized n as evidence that cosmic rays play a mjor role in the climate by effecting... Continue reading
Truth is stranger than fiction, or so the saying goes. And so it should be. Fiction is written for a purpose. It been planned by the writer, and, more importantly, it has most likely been edited by the writer after it was finished (unless it was written by me, in... Continue reading
That is my response to The Response. Continue reading
While I generally hold that things are more complicated than a binary system (and this is actually a tertiary system), in the case of the motivations for the recent riots in England, I can really only think of these two possibilities. If they are motivated, as I have seen suggested,... Continue reading
Go on, guess where I'll be for the next two weeks. Bet you can't. :P Continue reading
About ten minutes walk away from my house, there is a large abandoned grain factory. The windows are boarded up. Rust hangs from the various pipes around it. I don't know what they use to carry. The factory is not pretty. It's a great big concrete block with some brick... Continue reading
Just a couple of things I find are vaguely on topic for my recent posts. Time in a Bottle. One of the things that I often find myself doing is that although I can understand accepting the finality of death, I'd much rather live. One song I particularly like for... Continue reading
Warning: Spoilers for series 5 of Dr Who (Matt Smith's first series), risk of pretentiousness. Staring at graves and commenting on how you have no idea who is buried there is all very well and good, but I must admit that I feel a bit...sad? empty? some other combination of... Continue reading
There was a grave on my way home. This wasn't particularly surprising, since I was walking home through the cemetery of a church, nor was it eye-catching or flashy. It was just an old grave, tucked away beneath the branches of some tree. The earth in front of it was... Continue reading
My apologise for not updating very much this month. I've been having a weird form of writing block, where, although I am capable of writing my thoughts down, writing them coherently is another matter. I'm tempted to say I'm suffering from a jabir penalty, but I have yet to find... Continue reading
There are, in fact, so many things wrong with this book that I was tempted to write a Left Behind-style post about it, pulling apart all of the awful things it completely took for granted about love, sex and relationships. It sounds like something I'd be interested in doing...except that I'm not sure if I'd be able to, given that I don't really have an internal idea of `gender` myself, and I really don't understand how people have gender identity, so the review would probably mostly be me going `Whaaaaaaaa?`. (Not saying that identifying as a gender or both genders is bad, just that I can't grok it)
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@syfr: I don't remember ever asking God to leave me alone (in fact there where some times when I tried to find him and he still did so). If I end up in the afterlife and he says that, I'm going to ask where he'd been beforehand.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2011 on Depart from me, I never knew you at The Slacktiverse
I could probably do something about being asexual or agendered, though it is probably more suited to a comment thread discussion since I find it difficult to remember all I want to say without people giving me questions to answer. I'd be interested in Deird's Christian book-store post as well, as well as otherkin 101.
@DS: It's a mix of things. Some people have problems accessing patheos, while others find the widespread treatment of some groups (atheists and homosexuals are two major ones) on the site replusive and wish to have as little contact with it as possible.
"If we went in with the assumption that this god is correct that humans cannot possibly comprehend the reasoning behind it all, it seems like an acceptable second step to leap to 'and we don't even have words that anyone could possibly use to express these concepts, so even if God tried to beam his reasons wordlessly right into Job's brain, any attempt by Job to explain them to anyone else would have ended with someone trying to draw a geometric representation of moral integrity'." True. I guess this ultimately comes down to `Do you trust God?`. If read by someone who does not trust God, it sounds like God is making an appeal to his own power while refusing to give any reason, where as if you trust that God does have a good reason, then it sounds more the scenerio you describe. Although I do agree with Brokenbell, he was still a jerk about it.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on On Suffering and God at The Slacktiverse
@ Ross: I'd be able to take that better if God actually tried to explain his reasons. If Job then didn't understand, then yes, perhaps God would have had the right to say `We work on different levels, so you're not going to understand`. He didn't. It doesn't help that God doesn't actually make any attempt to explain the reason at all, meaning that the `God did it for a stupid reason and makes an appeal to power when called on it` reading is still valid.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on On Suffering and God at The Slacktiverse
My response is similar to yours in the first part, but completely different for the second part. I feel awe, yes, and wonder, and most of all sadness, at moments like that, where I see suffering stretched out in plain detail like that, with misery and small (but oh so important) acts of heroism shown clearly to me. However, rather than feel awe and wonder towards God, I feel it towards the people involved in the situation. It is their suffering, their misery, their acts of heroism that are the focus of my emotions, after all. The holocaust was caused by humans, it was suffered in by humans, it was survived by humans, it was ended by humans. Now, I'm sure that you will say (and rightfully so) that you do also feel this way to the humans involved in the event, or any event that includes suffering, but my point is that I'm not entirely sure where God is in it. It is not that I can't imagine finding God in the suffering, but rather that I can't work out where God comes into any of this.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on On Suffering and God at The Slacktiverse
One thing has been confusing me for a while. How are the names of the baptised after death recorded by the LDS church? Are they listed as baptised, or are they listed as having been offered a baptism? The two situations are quite different, since in the first you are writing it as you know the person has personally accepted the baptism, where as the other actually fits with the idea that you are not forcing the person to accept the baptism.
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Heart, are you the Heart with the pink icon who's been posting here...maybe not "regularly" exactly, but significantly often? Some of the things you've said sound like you're a different person, and that could get confusing having two Hearts I don't think so. I think most of my posts have had either blue or green icons. I've logged into my typepad account now, so that should be easier to tell apart (Or I could just be forgetting things...but I don't really post that much, so...)
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I am afraid of what I don't understand. This means I am afraid of so many things. I find people scary, running around with their own thoughts and desires which I can't predict. I find the movements of the weather scary, the chaotic and dramatic cycles of air currents and... Continue reading
I apologise for not updating this, if anyone is still following it, but exam revision has mostly taken over my life (as it probably should...). When I'm feeling down or tired or just want to be alone, I go swimming. The thing about swimming is that it allows you to... Continue reading
Osama bin Laden is dead. I'm not sure what to think about that. Continue reading
Yesterday, two people I have never met, and likely will never meet, got married. This is perfectly normal. In fact, according to NSO, in 2009, 231,490 people got married*. That's 115745 weddings, or an average of about 317 a day. I have never met most of these people, and I... Continue reading
In physics, we make lots of simplifying assumptions. For example, the ideal gas laws are based on the idea that the molecules in a gas are small relative to the overall volume of the gas, have random motions and collide elastically with each other. This can be used to derive... Continue reading
I don't like my natural self. In this post I'm focusing on my natural personality, rather than my natural body, which I also don't like, but for different reasons. You see, usually, if I'm just being my natural self, I'm not the nicest person to be around. I tend to... Continue reading