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Thank you Mary for blogging about this powerful movie and even more powerful leader who has impacted not just South Africa but the whole world. One of my hero's! I LOVED Invictus both the movie and poem! Mainly because I too yearn to hear more about Nelson Mandela. The ability to see the big picture and trust a higher order for mankind is and was truly amazing! Thanks Margaret for recommending reading Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I'm familiar with this and it's good to re-read the success forgiveness has even with horrendous crimes. The truth shall set us free! Love is the answer. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts. It begins with me...for I too "am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul"! Thank you Nelson Mandela for all you have forgiven in order to be the vessel to lead a nation and world to rise above hatred to something much much more. You have impacted so many lives just by living yours!
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Sep 5, 2010