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Heather Goodman
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TSK - How did you find out about this gathering and the people reaching out in the Egyptian community elsewhere? I so want to connect up with these people! Please write me privately?
Forgive me for not being more aware of what I suppose is obvious to most of your long time readers, but I'm sorta out of the loop - what type of business do you have? I'm curious what the idea is that God gave you :)
I remember Wayne Jacobsen once saying something like, "Whenever you are dependent on others for your livilihood, you can't help but be tempted to manipulate them." I'm sure that's not an exact quote, but he said something along those lines. I personally think you are a lot more of an authentic person to those you serve when you aren't worried about convincing them that they need to give you money for serving them.
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Jul 20, 2011