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Like a lot of people, I'd love a sequel, but I doubt he could come up with something to match Avatar so soon. Instead of agreeing/disagreeing where I see fit, I'm going to jump to my point. Everyone is in love with Pandora- everything Pandoran. Why not make it simple.. make a 'documentary' like thing. Either a movie, a series, books, whatever focusing JUST on Pandora. If this is really 'his world', then why not share it completely? Personally, I'd like to treat the planet as a Biology class. From how all it's cycles work, the food chains, how everything connects (especially how the whole planet is so connected), what's INSIDE Pandora itself. Everyone is so amazed with what we saw, I'd like to see what we DIDN'T see.
I'd love to live on Pandora, but there's a catch. To be able to live with the Na'vi, you have to earn their trust. We all saw what Jake had to do in order for that to happen and I don't see even a quarter of us making it through Pandoran Boot Camp. Not after living 21 years in the 21st century where we have machines to do everything for us and our food is raised, slaughtered, prepped and packaged for us by other people. Nor do I see half of their customs or beliefs being adopted/followed/respected. Hell, we don't even respect our own.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on The AVATAR/Matrix Connection at Avatar Blog
Dude, give me an avatar too please! I'd so go Banshee hunting and go flying around. Though, I'm not sure I'd want to LIVE on Pandora. lol It's beautiful, mesmerizing, and completely amazing, but if I want to live in a place that intense, I'd move to the rainforest, seriously. Giant cats, strange flora, exciting fauna, and that good stuff here too. But I'm no Jake Sully and I sure as hell don't want to pass a survival test that intense. But it'd be one amazing vacation from the ordinary!
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Jan 1, 2010