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I am making this comment without having read this book, but based on your description I want to say that the need most managers have to do anything, just because they need to justify their existence, is a huge problem. The reality is that most managers have very little control over the work that is done under them and many overcompensate with controlling, neurotic behavior. The worst is when a new manger is hired into the company it is inevitable that they are going to make big changes to justify their hire, even if the changes aren't helpful and make no sense. I'd like to think that this 'do nothing' approach would catch on, but I think that I hope in vain.
This is a helpful insight for communication management in projects. It also helps to keep things at a high level farther out because there are always changes, as there should be given that we should adjust actions as our available information improves and our environment changes. I will have to keep this in mind when creating a communication plan over the course of my next project.
You make an interesting point here. I do think that much of the Gen X and Gen Y differences are overstated. At a high level good leadership skills will work for any generation. I think that perceived differences between generations in the work place have more to do with the pace of changing corporate culture and technology, and how these changes impact employees of different ages, than any fundamental differences in the employees based on their generational status.
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Mar 16, 2012