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Heather McGuire
Lexington, KY
HCC '07 Army Vet Mom x2
Interests: Learning all I can about kicking Cancer Cells to the Curb! Trying to figure out how I ended up fighting Cancer in the first place. Praying that God will leave me her long enough to raise my kids. Hoping that the next scan will be clean and I can be called NED (no evidence of disease)
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Everything is for a reason and God has His hands on YOU!
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Aug 19, 2011
I have waited years to find another HCC survivor!(Diagnosed 2007) With it being so rare, it is nearly impossible to relate to other cancer patients. Nobody understands the diet or isolation like we do. Last week I found a lady in TX and now you :) I am in KY. I have a blog that I just started it's dedicated to HCC. If you get a chance of want a friend who really understands, I am here.
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Aug 19, 2011