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Yes, it's my real name.
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So, my folks tell me, "Peri, dad has to do some work on the house." Okay, fine. But then they kick me out of my room! I tried to get back in there but my old man has built this "cocoon" and I'm trapped on the other side. So then... Continue reading
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On the eve of my birthday, I'm thinking a little more about life and death. Mostly life, in case anyone was concerned. But it's hard not to think about how freakin' fast time flies past and how I really don't even understand how "old" I am, but I do know... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2010 at
My first night alone away from Jason and Peri since Peri was born... and it's at a Holiday Inn in Johnstown. Somehow I feel like I could have done better. No offense, J-tahn. Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2010 at
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