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Mark Heath
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I've only read through a few NT books in Greek, but Luke has been the biggest challenge so far.
The church I went to as a child had two rooms called Agape and Dunamis which the Sunday School classes took place in. Agape was probably the first one I learned the meaning of.
Intense, driven, confident, courageous
I certainly didn't start off seeing the two books as connected in any big way other than having the same author, but the more I study the more I see connections and themes that link the two together. I'd be interested to see what unifying themes Bock identifies in his book.
what are legitimate ways to tackle two verses that appear to contradict (how do you pick between possible resolutions)
I think "communion" is the term we use the most, and perhaps "breaking of bread" a close second.
@AndrewSD - I agree about Surrender - the original version is a classic, which made it hard to enjoy the new recording
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May 18, 2010