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Hey Deb! Remember when we would comment on each others blogs! It feels nice and slow and civilized again. Direct. Not about the speed and pellet-giving of social media streams. The most interesting irony of this piece for me is in the "throwaway" NB at the end in parenthesis. Discussion about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict doesn't make sense for you on the Net because it's so fraught with emotion, yet you practiced using an app on the Net to practice having more emotional reality or a kind of empathic communication about the very same conflict. We share the goal of making the Net (via apps etc) a more emotionally rich and useful space and conduit. Most of the development for the Net is uninformed about emotional needs or containment even though we're such emotionally driven creatures and our behaviour and communication is so emotionally driven. It's an interesting idea to more consciously use an app solely for "putting yourself in their place" purposes. Social media streams of course do this too but the gaming in them now and the public face/ gaming behaviour has changed how they are empathic. it's a great idea for new news organizations to make single-serving apps to give you a more carefully curated sense of what it's like to live in Gaza, in Tel Aviv, as a family member in SF, as a diplomat etc. It would be interesting to get just one view in real-time for a short period. Of course it means you have to want to try, as you did, in the first place. But it's an interesting narrowing idea of the firehose of this twitter provides right now. Please cross-post this to the blog. why not? We can add IFTTT recipes to cross-post and that way keep up our conversation and help us keep the posting going.
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Glad to hear the details of this story Debs. That connection between people is a great feeling. I remember thinking in those days that this was the kind of event the Net was made for. Of course, the Net is Us.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2011 on Ten Years brings perspective at Deborah Schultz
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I'm a storyteller John and I don't see how it's any different than telling narratives. This piece did not make a distinction for me that I understand. I"m also unclear about context being separated out from a a story or a narrative. I get the sense you are trying to get at what draws people forward and engages them (is that right?) What is it that you want to figure out? I'm not entirely clear from the piece. Personally I've viewed systems, countries, companies etc in terms of narrative and stories. It's a helpful predictive lens. For me stories have systems within them of people and drives and things they are acting out or consciously trying to learn. What I've found in making performance participatory (see my notes lower right is that centering everyone on collective inquiry does engage differently than transferring information to people passively listening. Another thing I think worth paying attention to in living is that while humans are compulsive story / narrative machines (I don't see a difference)...attachment to feeling you know the answer or the end can be really personally destructive in your own life. It's a mental / intellectual thing to stay in that attachment and an emotional / embodied thing to drop into your experience at the moment. I love narrative/ storytelling like nothing else but experience is really the great teacher and emotion, witnessing, problems and uncertainty the great engager. There's more in this talk about the changes in narrative I've found that have worked for me and that I see shifting for a narratively-saturated /game-seeking generation
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May 27, 2010