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To Markus Guenther, Your recent article stating that Americans are hypocrites who suppress the memories of their own faults (such as slavery) cannot be taken seriously. It is obvious you have not done much research before making such a bold claim and the result is that German readers will have an inaccurate picture of the USA. I invite you to walk into any school in America, take a look at the history textbooks being used, and tell me with a straight face that America suppresses the memories of slavery, Vietnam, etc. If anything, American school children learn a self-flagellating view of history in which every sin of our past is drilled into their memory; slavery, the civil rights struggle, wars against the native Americans, civil rights struggle, Vietnam, etc. In fact any "expert on the USA" would be well aware of the debates in school boards across the country as some think these textbooks are perhaps too negative (but that side usually loses the argument). But you knew this didn't you? Go ahead Markus, pick any school and take a look - I challenge you to do so. What you find will confound your pre-conceived notions (so apparent in your article) which your fellow Germans believe thanks to such sloppy tabloid style reporting. If you are a real journalist, one who seeks to present an accurate picture for people in your country, you would check the situation in such detail before levelling such ridiculous accusations. If you don't support your hyperbolic statements and choose to ignore the facts, you are not a journalist but a tabloid writer or propogandist. So, its up to you to decide which one you will be. For the sake of the German people's ability to receive a balanced view of the world (and for my country to be depicted fairly), I hope you choose to be a real journalist. Sincerely, Kiran Mani Tucson, Arizona