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I agree with your post. It is bound to happen. Workday is an enterprise monster in the making. I think they will cover up the vacuum as they move in to other areas of ERP. What Workday did was clever. They spent years and effort building out their enterprise platform putting everything in place. Like what Aneel always says, they started with a clean sheet of paper. Built everything ground up with multi-tenancy, customizability, and mobility on the cloud. But they didn't do all of that just for HCM. They have set themselves up to take over the entire ERP cloud from Supply Chain to Procurement to PLM Manufacturing. I think Financials is just a start. It will take them time but they have all the right ingredients and well ahead of everyone. Oracle, to their credit, has also spent years building out their ERP in house. Fusion is a subject of debate but so far they are proving doubters wrong. It will be a close battle between Oracle and Workday.
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Apr 17, 2015