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Hedge Witch
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Whether the letter of the form was followed or not is fairly unimportant compared to whether your poem worked, to me. I think it did everything it set out to do, with considerable grace.
Quite a lot of cogent reasoning and very valid comparisons and analysis in your intro; I've thought along similar lines for quite awhile and I'm really undecided about the ultimate end of our predigested news format, where every day the definition of reality gets a little more unreal, or surreal. Will everybody just cease to be able to think at all, or even differentiate real from not-real? I comfort myself that at least I won't be alive to deal with it. I like the foray into balladry and folk song, always one of my favorite places--and your own poem is exquisite. (reaphook, in particular, a perfect word choice.) Thanks for a good solid half-hour of real.
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Nov 26, 2010