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You know wat? i think everyone who's commented here care' one way or another! its all good. you see the clip infront of us is intended to spark reaction.... it did! If i were the creator id say well job done judging by the comments already left! I believe there is ONE government yeah sure there is a few sides but at the end of the day 1. A change in government wether it be bush obama or big bird is simply change! it makes the masses feel like there has actually been change!!!!! So funny you get people from one side putting the other sides beliefs down..... heres the kicker they are the SAME SAME SAME! Its a trick that has plagued us for years! insted of us all fighting with eachother we should work together not for us but for our childrens sake peace.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on The Government Can at Free Money Finance
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Jan 27, 2010