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Rhonda Heiberg
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This is awesome!! Love it! My greatest memory of grandma's house is spending all summer at her house in the country smelling all her flowers and picking wild berries.
Love the new collection!
I am following you!
I am a Facebook Fan and I am following you on Pinterest.
They are all cute, but my fav would br coconut lime soup.
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This makes me think of Spring! Love all your products!
This one I can not wait to get! Already have ideas swirling in my head!
They are cute, and I have a few thank you's to send out. One is for my mom who was extremly helpful when I was having a very difficult time recently. The other is for my dad who has always been there for me and our family without asking for anything in return.
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Winterland but everything is my favorite.
This is a great inspiration and will be making one myself.
Thank you for sharing,I needed to try something new since I have been in a rut latley.
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thanks for the chance to win before its in stores.
I did both but the cricut blog was not working for me.
I did both but the cricut blog is not working.
Can't wait to see you at Scrapfest in September! Love all your products!!
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Love the mini album and the paper! It's all wonderful!!
Can't wait to take a class at Scrapfest in September at Mall of America!
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Aug 5, 2011