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Heidi Bylsma
Sierra Nevada Foothills, Northern California
Author, Speaker, Worship Leader, Lover of Jesus
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Wow, Chip. Saw your tweet about this blog post and your request for a response. AWESOME! I am new to this marketing thing and, while I have contributed to some anthologies and been a collaborator on a published book, I just submitted my first "real" NF book proposal to a literary agent (who I am thrilled was willing to even look at it!). I spent a week at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference learning from Laura Christianson of It was an invaluable education (and fun, too!). I am eager to take your suggestions to put a plan in writing together with some of what Laura taught us that week. I have shared a link to this post with the woman I am co-authoring with (she claims she is technologically "backward," but we will change all of that!). Thanks so much!
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May 2, 2010