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Who plopped the Indigo 12W building on top of a four story above grade parking garage? This is an intriguing project but I'm not convinced it does a good job of interacting with the site. Is there pedestrian access from the Burnside bridge? Seems like an obvious move. I don't know what kind of retail would survive there, as it is a very difficult site to access because of heavy traffic merging onto the bridge and has a significant grade change. For a site that is already isolated (but still noisy and congested), it doesn't make sense to have a 20 story apartment tower floating above a lifeless parking garage and empty retail. This will be a welcomed addition to the east side and its great to finally see that site be developed but I have to say that I am a little disappointed in Skylab's design. It's becoming pretty predictable: make it black, with arbitrary angles and employ the use of 1970's geometries. Somehow the skill that Skylab has at creating intimate, bold environments just doesn't translate to a scale this large.
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Jan 2, 2014