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Sad to see a sequel is unlikely, but a truly thoughtful break-down nonetheless. I absolutely adored this game even though purchsing it in a different language (I live in Germany that I wasn't completely fluent in at the time had made things very difficult, for all that the translation was pretty good. The music is especially unforgettable, and I loved the aesthetics of the various ghost designs. I've actually had the most ridiculous craving to replay it recently and I'm now trying to track down and purchase a version of the game online that's in the original language and has the bonus end mission. You know it gets bad when you're watching The Conjuring and can't help but analyse the ghosts' actions from the perspective of a would-be Ghostmaster in charge of them... "Ah yes, here is where they needed to get the mortals worked up for a bit of plasma, and now they have it and can do big stuff..." XD Don't know if it's been suggested above, but a 'hint' option for the later missions would have come in extremely handy. Both the specific abilities to advance the plot and the strategies to solve the puzzles and free the trapped ghosts were sometimes incredibly difficult to figure out, especially since the tutorial never shows you that e.g. weather-controlling powers can be used cumulatively. And some puzzles were luck-based enough to be incredibly frustrating, so some sort of option for a clue or hint with specific puzzles to even suggest the optimum strategy would have been appreciated. I remember the hospital missing being the epitome of that - it was already a mission that took a while to complete, and replaying it over and over again because I couldn't seem to get all the trapped ghosts in one go, or at all, was ridiculously frustrating (and I wasn't aware that you could get different ghosts in different playthroughs of the mission and still end up with them). The female ghost in the cellar was particularly bad, because while the solution was very elegant - scare off every female nurse and the lecherous doctor would eventually come bother the woman sitting in that room - it was very non-intuitive compared to the use of standard luring tactics that got you nowhere, and I know I'm not the only one to have spent hours on that mission. I still love the game to bits and would have loved to see a sequel. Even if I ever play another haunting game (and there's certainly been no oversupply of that particular genre, despite it being so promising), it wouldn't be the same without the same unique charm this game had.
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Oct 26, 2013