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I think we should take again the analogy with audiophile world that you already used in previous articles. Quality (and size) of print depends ultimately on the subject. I saw that some mythical pictures (on original print) were very poorly defined. I think particularly of Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans... This was mostly due to the choice of 35mm film, and the conditions of shooting. Were the images weak ? Certainly not ! On a modern side, all the Lomo movement takes its strength from blur, color shift etc... It bear a real parenthood with the musical lo-fi movement. On the other side of the scale, I've recently seen some massive prints (2m x 4m) of industrial landscape in very high def (Chen Jiagang "Third Line"). You were almost drowned into the image. Would they be weaker at a lower def ? definitively ! My generic feeling is that landscape work gains from the highest definition available, while street photography would be much less demanding. Of course, you can find counter examples. Just like Classical music is much more demanding on HiFi gear than noisy rock or techno (no judgement of value here, I do like techno) So at the end of the day, would I need better, more defined, with more depth of color ? I would say that it depends, this is an artistic choice.
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Jan 6, 2010