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Hello Josie, great post (as ever) and a timely discussion. Ben touches a real chord with me - I love Douglas Rushkoff's book Program or be Programmed which makes this argument cogently - that unless we are aware of how technologies are designed to work on us - to work us over in some cases - we are disempowered relative to an industry that doesn't just shape our working lives but our social engagements and our habits of thought. So going back to coding - and the modern day equivalents which might include building apps, designing online environments and digital networking spaces, and being socially entrepreneurial with technology as well as technically cutting edge - it would be fabulous to see such a curriculum taking a central place in schools. Will it happen, when Gove is looking to Microsoft and Google to provide the answers? It's up to people like us. So while I do agree that digital literacy has to permeate the whole curriculum, as an aspect of reading, writing and making meanings in our culture, I also think there is a special place for technology per se. But it must be a creative, critical and multiple techno-literacy that we are fostering in the ICT innovators of the future, not a capacity to use office systems or be good consumers of educational product. My own blog post on this is here, very much inspired by yours.
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Jan 12, 2012