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Helene Bustad Johannessen
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Count me in! Looks amazing, and what a great thing to introduce to Spoonflower! My screen name: frk_bustad :)
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Oh, I'd so much like to win! That book looks great! (frk_bustad)
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I could really use some inspiration for storage... This book really look great, so I hope I'll win! Username: frk_bustad
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Knowing how to sew is sometimes a curse, because yes I think the same way very often. Not thinking completely in patterns, but often "I could make that" or "oh, this would be perfect had it only been altered like that" or "this is way too expensive. I'll make something similar". But as I mentioned, it is a curse, because I've realised my pattern fitting knowledge just isn't good enough, as I don't fit very well into commercial patterns. So often I end up in between: Not buying what I like, because "it's not worth the price" and not sewing what I want, because I don't necessarily know how to get the perfect fit... - -
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Mar 2, 2010