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The North of England
I'm here to share my interests and to promote my designs and sewing.
Interests: I am interested in my family and enjoying life to its fullest. I have designed and made things with material and thread for a long time, I now want to take it a step further and start to sell it. This year it's going to happen! lol!
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Such gorgeous fabrics! The designs are stunning and so varied, had a quick look on spoonflower, it has definately made me think... Congratuations on going pro samarra!
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Hi Manda, I hope you enjoyed your visit to darlington! Unfortunately I can't go to your classes but would love to have met you, I live in darlington and have followed you blog since I started sewing again.
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Jan 7, 2011
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Jan 7, 2011
Luckily or not here in England we don't have to worry about humidity, winter here seems to last so long with dreary grey skies, I think I would happily swap for humidity although my hair would be permanently frizzy! lol. Do you think that the bread bag would be ok in the kitchen cupboard as I don't have a bread box? I think today I will be making a few bread bags and giving it a test run, I have some natural cotton that will work I think although I love the idea of using recycled embroidered tablecloths. xx
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Hi, I lived on a small farm as a child and have fond memories of cows and pigs in my mums apple orchard and garden, I occasionally borrowed a piglet to take for a ride in my doll's pram too! It was a wonderful life and even though I live in a small town now I would happily go back to living in the country again. Can I ask how long your bread lasts in a fabric bag? I hate plastic and would so love to tell my other half it works just as well if not better!
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Dec 24, 2010
Hope I'm not too late! Lovely fabric!
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Nov 27, 2010