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Helen Wagner
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As a collaborative speech therapist working in general education classrooms, I have many challenging students! I worked with a struggling learning disabled student in the second grade, a few years ago and she demonstrated nice progress. On the last day of school, she came walking into my classroom, a brilliant smile on her face....with a fairly and a half foot.....TROPHY...that had been engraved with the words: "Mrs. Wagner. Thank you for helping me achieve third grade". That touched my heart! My trophy sits proudly in my room as a reminder that I DO make a difference, and I'm proud to be a teacher!
Wow, this looks like a fun memory game! I would love to have this! For my students!
We love Show Me at my school! Our reading interventionist works wonders with it!
I would like to win this for the autism classroom at my school!. We have several students who desperately need a powerful program for language / communication development!
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May 4, 2012