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Your lack of connectivity really strikes a chord, although my (recent) situation was different: I had a total tech fail at the AoIR conference - laptop died on the first day, closely followed by malfunctioning iPhone. It was a good conference, lots of interesting papers, I met some great people etc. but without being able to connect online as well as f2f I almost feel as though I wasn't there! It was strange to read the twitter stream afterwards, feeling as though i'd missed out on the event despite having attended. Made me realise just how integral my online connections have become at conferences, both in terms of engaging with my wider network (who didn't attend) and - more significantly to my mind - the 'bonding' that takes place through communication with other delegates via Twitter. I really do feel as though I missed out on some of the more social (and potentially rewarding) aspects of the conference purely because I wasn't part of the back-channel...
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Nov 8, 2010