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Michael Hemmingson
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I have all the 1/4lys except 28. issues 26-31, from Gutter Press, tend to be hard to locate,or pricey (well, more than the one cent Vintage ones)...I have a few galley pages of 32, the one that never saw print.
Some issues here...Gordo didn't start working at Knopf until 1978, so those pre-78 books by DeLillo were not his; in fact I don't think he acquired and edited any DeLillo, they were just friends; ditto on Oszick, she had a longtime home and editor there at Knopf. He did not publish himself (outside some obvious pen names he had in The Q), although there was a bit of hubbub when it came out that he wrote his own cover copy for the Viking collection, Mourner at the Door, and the acquisition editor was a former student at Columbia or Yale... Lish did not edit Carver;s poetry book, Gary Fisketjon did (Lish crony and Jay McInerney's college buddy and roommate). Diane Williams was never published by Knopf but Grove. His hand is on the stoies as teacher and from The Christopher Coe, he was not able to get Knopf to okay her books. There are more than 100 books missing,but they will pop up on the blog...
Sparling was a Lish writer...although his Knopf book was delayed and ignored because Lish was long gone by then...he was connected with Gutter Press in Canada that pikced up The Quartely for a while until it folded completely.
Many young writers today wish they had been mentored by Lish.
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Feb 4, 2010