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I don't have a good metaphor (really should think of one, but haven't had enough tea yet this morning), but I couldn't agree more with your points here that many MOOCs act like they can do a better job of education than higher ed (or other ed) institutions, without really taking on the job in a serious way. Not that all higher ed institutions do a great job--some courses are little more than MOOCs w/o the "open" part (nor are all MOOCs open, of course). I just don't think the massive thing is going to do the job in the long run, for all courses, for an entire education. But maybe that's just me speaking as a faculty member and loving when I get to teach small classes because I think those are just, well, really special situations. I do love taking a MOOC here and there, like going with an uncle to the zoo, as it's a great way to learn some things, meet some people, make new connections (in some MOOCs, not usually the x ones). But I don't take them terribly seriously; I only do what I have time and inclination to do, I don't do everything, and I stop when the next new, shiny thing comes along. It's kind of like being with someone you kind of should listen to but don't have to, and you can get away with a lot that your parents wouldn't let you get away with. So I like the uncle metaphor, only he'd be a lot more fun if he'd ditch the power drill (yikes) and stop talking so much about how great he is with kids.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2013 on Uncle MOOC at The Ed Techie
As someone who has become a bit Twitter-addicted after my experience with ETMOOC, I, too, am somewhat surprised but more saddened that Twitter isn't really doing much in #h817open. One thing that might have galvanized the Twitter community in ETMOOC was weekly Twitter chats, moderated, with specific topics each week. I really got to know people that way, and found quite a few people to follow (and followers too). I miss those very much, and wished there had been some in #h817open. Just a thought for the future, though it does mean adding in more synchronous elements. That's something else I'm missing in #h817open--synchronous elements help me feel more connected to the community, when, e.g., Blackboard sessions allow chats on the side. Thanks for the course, though, which is otherwise very helpful!
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2013 on My MOOC tech ecosystem at The Ed Techie
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Apr 11, 2013