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I think it may be due to some sort of licensing issue. i.e. Certain episodes contain a song or something that they cannot (or is too costly to) get clearance to show via streaming.
To say Clipper fans have more hope than Sacramento Kings fans is utterly laughable. It was not too long ago that the Kings were yearly playoff contenders and their drop has been largely due to bad free agent signings and (as a result of Maloof meddling) horrible coaching hires . At least they make every attempt extend their young talent (Garcia, Martin), unlike Phoenix who simply sell their draft picks. At least Sacramento fires their bad coaches unlike the Clippers who seem to be stuck with a dillweed of a coach for eternity. Sacramento's recent trades have brought back cap relief and draft picks, while the Clipper's recent moves have been disastrous. The only ray of hope for the Clippers has been the lottery, though Clipper fans are continuously waiting to see how the team will screw up next. Dumbleavy is reviled by Clipperdom. Sacramento fans, on the other hand, are incessantly hopeful, almost to a fault, and have a high degree of trust in Petrie (up to this point). I know this because I have lived both in LA and Sacramento, and frequent Clippers and Kings fan sites.
Paying customers who've had their service downgraded. Child throwing tantrum in a candy store. And the name of your blog is "think for a moment"? Nice analogy chum.
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