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I have my APR and I couldn't agree more. Part of the reason I did get it was so that if/when I wanted to comment about it it came from a position of actually going through and getting it. Also, having been involved in PRSA since my college days, I also didn't want to offend others. really has no use. In fact, I know some senior level people at large agencies in NYC that say they are skeptical of people who have it! (I guess that means me, too.) The APR exam does nothing to prepare anyone for the real life practice of public relations. And the biggest joke when I took it was that you really didn't need to know how to apply PRSA's ethics code, you just needed to memorize it to pass the exam....are you kidding? If they want it to mean anything, they need to completely, 100% revamp it with input from senior level practitioners who actually are responsible for P&L and can give input on what pros really need to learn. Even then, it still may not mean anything.
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Jul 14, 2011