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Still not one Netflix Executive has confirmed any of these rumors about international expansion. Pretty coincidental the misdirection from the 2nd Quarter miss. I heard Netflix next expansion was to the North Pole then on to Mars. If any of these rumors are true about international expansion it's even worse that Netflix raised the prices on loyal customers to fund this.
This is what they want us to pay 60% more for? This is the new scratched disc. How are they ever going to make streaming work in a 3rd world country when they can't even get it to work here?
And now he's starting with me. Mike please get rid of this guy to.
This is laughable. Doesn't anyone else find this just a little to coincidental that all these rumors about global expansion come out a week or two before the earnings call? Throw that in plus the price increase, content cost comming due and Netflix has completely hid the one thing they were trying to hide and that's how bad things were this quarter.
I think you should block kh99 as well. From what I was reading he seemed like the instigator.
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Jul 15, 2011