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But there is an upside here. In large organization, if you now how to do it, you can have a big influence using your leadership skills. Big organizations can allow you to have contact with a large number of other workers.
Furthermore, there can be a lot of waste of time in a big organization because of the time spent doing mundane chores and not spent innovating. One of the best ways to run an organization is to get out of your office and away from paperwork. The contact made with staff can be very valuable.
A great lesson here and one that I learned in the Big 4 where I spent 18 years in an organization that had a flat hierarchy. You learn to make good decisions and to work with others in a structure like that. Because you make the decisions, you do have to upgrade your thinking. But once you work in an organization like that, you find that there is no other way to work. So this blog post is essentially telling us that size has to be managed very well or it can be a problem.
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Dec 19, 2016