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Sarah Henry-Stewart
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I love this hat so much that as soon as I saw it, I printed the pattern. I did make some minor changes- instead of the two layers, I did one and I used brown and teal damask fleece (also used it for the binding and ties). It took me less than an hour to hand stitch the whole thing. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen on my baby. Now, my five year old wants one in red. :) Thank you so much!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2011 on the snow pixie hat tutorial at Sew Liberated
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I made these with red and black fleece and instead of velcro, used a button and buttonhole and they turned out soooo well! My son loves them! (Instead of the star, I did an A for his name, Atticus) Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial!!! :)
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Oct 27, 2011