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Herbert Kitchener
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Netflix is really becoming a major disappointment. We have been members for some 5 years now and in the past 6 months or so have witnessed a marked increase in the number of "short wait, long wait, very long wait" etc. Right now, the first 28 on our queue are in mostly "long or very long, wait" status. We are not talking about new releases for kids, eg., true blood. We watch many English and foreign DVDs. I suspect, in an effort to save money, Netflix is not buying DVDs in the quantity they used to and as a result, we wait, and wait for DVDs. We do not stream. We just like to watch a movie from a DVD. We used to belong to Blockbuster 2-3 years ago but got out of it due to really irregular and erratic service. Netflix was, by far the better of the two. Thus, here we are with Netflix-----waiting, and waiting, and waiting for DVDs----much worse than Blockbuster ever was. Something has to change at Netflix or their subscriber base will suffer. Lord help them if Blockbuster ever got their act together or a new, start-up company gave them some good old fashioned competition. Netflix with it's increasing "wait" times is becoming tiring and perhaps it is time to seriously consider getting the premium cable channels again like HBO, etc. Frustrating in the extreme.
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Jun 6, 2012