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John Herbison
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Just a shot in the dark here as to what may have motivated Chief Justice Roberts to decide not to gut the PPACA: Several provisions of the Act broaden access to health insurance coverage for those whom insurers would not otherwise cover. Insured persons tend to live longer than uninsured persons. Perhaps Roberts had an epiphany and realized that being "pro-life" involves more than mere blastocystophilia. I wonder. Did any self-styled "pro-life" groups submit amicus briefs in support of the provisions that broaden access to insurance coverage?
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Actually, eliminating the individual mandate while keeping community rating and guaranteed issue would not be a bad result from a consumer's point of view. Insurers and health care providers, however, would squeal like stuck Republicans. My crystal ball has long been broken, but I surmise that the most likely upshot would be expansion of Medicare to those under the present age limits who are willing to pay premiums. Perhaps in that event the robed wardheelers on SCOTUS would unwittingly teach the PPACA critics to be careful what they ask for.
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Jun 6, 2012