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I would be cautious about cod liver oil. There's some research suggesting that the high levels of Vitamin A can be toxic and most cod liver oil has very little Vitamin D. See Thanks
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2008 on This Winter, Don't Forget the D at Blogging with Lee
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I write only to describe my personal experience with an energy healer. I understand the skepticism folks here have about personal experience but here goes. I also know that my experience doesn't 'prove' anything. I went to a healer with great reluctance but upon the recommendation of a friend because of various maladies that conventional medicine was unable to help me with. I discovered that my healer is able consistently and with virtually 100% accuracy to diagnose virtually any ailment I have, whether at a distance over the phone, or in person. I couldn't believe it at first, and I still have no idea how it works. I just know that he has been right over 25 times over the past couple of years - predicting the outcome of every medical test before I took it ( both positive and negative tests), telling me when I was developing a cold or flu before I could feel any symptoms etc. Recently I called him from 2000 miles away to tell him I had a cut on my foot and asked whether it was serious enough to get medical attention. He told me which toe it was on and how big it was and what the prognosis would be (no need to see a doctor). I could describe a dozen more similar experiences. I am not a crank but a highly educated professional with a scientific and public policy background. I know this post will be ignored or dismissed and I can understand why. I just wish there were some way of verifying to the skeptics out there - and I don't use the word skeptic pejoratively - that the odds of my experiences with his healer being coincidental, placebo, trickery, etc. are beyond minute. Interestingly and unfortunately his success rate actually healing my maladies is much lower, and so I use him primarily as an extraordinary diagnostician. By the way he has been tested at a university parapsychology lab where his powers were confirmed under highly controlled circumstances. And so I hope that someday soon a properly controlled trial of healing can occur, and that if the results were positive folks would be open minded enough to consider the possibility of such powers, even if a plausible mechanism of action has yet to be discovered.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2008 on Woo at Stanford at Skeptico
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