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What a wonderful encapsulation of Christ-likeness, caring for others because we are made in God's image. And what wonderful words of comfort, whether we are in pain or caring for those in pain, or both.
...but that's not what we are like, unless we make that continual effort to cast off our "mistaken self-confidence" and let grace work in us, all of which, I'm beginning to realize, has to be repeated daily, or even momentarily. Why is that? Shouldn't I be able to take this understanding I embrace in reading and translate it into my actual daily life much more readily and thoroughly, especially after decades of knowing?
This is meaningful to me precisely because there are "...uncertainties...shaken foundations...questions and hesitations..." and still we are told, and we have known, the Love is there.
This just makes me want to drop my daily work for more important things like sitting and reading, going for a walk, doing some nature photography, listening to music....but my vacuum cleaner is calling and I have ignored it for too many days! Later, later...
I would like to encourage you to continue your blog, mostly for selfish reasons. I can't remember the google search topic I typed in some time last year, which originally led me to your blog, but I have greatly benefited from checking your site daily. Last week I forwarded your "Though I may stumble..." entry to several friends, for just one example. So much appreciated. You have mentioned many authors I enjoy reading, and have led me to many new ones (new for me). In the tangle of my mind, your blog has helped to shine clarity and encouragement, to work at developing this "life of the mind". I also do need to work harder at rooting this in lived out service, I admit. I like your expression "economics of the Kingdom". A good way to re-focus daily. I'll be back tomorrow! Hermina, aka poetreehugger
The truth of it makes it beautiful. Thank you. "...more important than what I know, is that I am known, and by whom I am known" ...may that comfort me this day and affect the way I see everyone I meet.
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Jan 12, 2010
Inspiring. What a good example of following Christ by going against the flow of society. What can you tell us about the difference between contentment and laziness? This topic came up in our Bible study group recently. In a society where busy-ness is applauded, how can I tell when I am okay in my contentment and when I should be searching for some hands-on service to be active in?
Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed reading your blog daily, for the inspirations related to "reading and thinking". I keep discovering new (to me) authors and writers, and exploring familiar ones, through your uplifting and thought-provoking column. Many thanks from the Canadian Prairies.
"The willingness to walk in the path of another". This is a satisfying (feels more like Christ's message) contrast to the common type of email forward from well-meaning friends listing generalized threats and dangers from generalized forces "outside" the so-called-Christian western social establishment. What do you do when you receive those forwarded messages that are basically a venom-filled rant against someone "other"?
Thank you. I follow your post daily, and enjoy the theological and poetic thought-provocation you provide. "The fact that your subject may be very important in itself does not necessarily mean that what you have written about it is important." This could lead to some valuable self-evaluation, always a profitable exercise as a Christian.
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Dec 10, 2009