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I'm going to vote for Agudelo's goal as goal of the week. I know a lot of people will vote for Juninho's rocket of a goal. But Agudelo's was better in my opinion. He showed great strength against a stong and imposing Hurtado, and that right footed finish with the outside of the foot against Keller, that was well taken. Not to mentioned, it was a game winner.
I'm surprised they cut Chinn as well. He looked good in the few friendlies he played in last year.
Two years! That's it? Charlie is lucky, it could have been a lot worse for him. I'm still shocked that he is playing.
I don't like it. We don't even get a gold cup match in the bay area. The closest it in LA. Meanwhile Mexico seems to play in Oakland a few times a year. I may just have to go watch the Mexico vs Paraguay match just to get my fix.
I really need to get a DVR. Looking forward to seeing the Quakes in action. I'm thinking of going to the game, but it has been raining in San Francisco, so I'm not sure how Santa Clara will be. I'm really happy to see Davies back in action. I actually haven't watched him play since the Conferdeations Cup final against Brazil.
Why don't they play in a better venue. That field is terrible. Can I get a game in California? It seems like all the US National team friendlies are all on the east coast, and mid west these days.
Can anyone tell me anything about this Dawkins character the Quakes signed? Good?
Good news! I hope it happens. I didn't like that the US wouldn't get a chance to win in Mexico! I hope it happens in this World Cup cycle.
I thought Dax played very well against Chile. I don't know why so many people on here hate on him. If the US midfield wasn't so deep, Dax would definitely be in the mix. Good signing on Folan, he impressed me when I used to watch the Hull City games while Altidore was loaned out there.
Yeah, I would have liked Lichaj in the mix. But I have been curious to see this Chandler character, and I have never seen Whitebread.
That Borchers goal should have stood. It was only fitting that Saborio scored against his former club. One goal in at Estadio Saprissa would almost seal RSL's ticket to the semi's. But it will be tough.
A couple things I took from the game last night. Montero needs a good forward to partner with. O'Brien White had some moments, but missed some good chances. Most of the time that Montero got in the final third, he had little to no support. Fernandez didn't look good at all, a lot of bad passes from the Uruguayan international. Was Beckham playing? He was slightly better than Fernandez. I think Barrett touched the ball a total of 5 times the whole game. Sounders is a solid backup. LA's defense looked solid as ever, even without Gonzales. They will be tough to break down for most teams.
Yeah. I didn't like that opening game against Salt Lake last season. I was at Buck Shaw!
I'm upset that I will miss most of the RSL-Saprissa match. I have a game tonight, so I'll be able to watch the first half. I really hope Salt Lake has a good match. 3-0 would be ideal. Can't let Saprissa score, because it will be tough in Costa Rica. As for the LA-Sounders match, I'll be able to watch that when I get home on ESPN360. I'm an Earthquakes fan so I hope LA loses.
I hope to see Lichaj get some minutes in the upcoming friendlies.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2011 on Lichaj's Leeds loan lengthened at Soccer By Ives
Ching is hurt again! Man, I feel bad for the guy. I hope he recovers quick. That Bruin kid looks dangerous from what I have seen. A lot faster than he looks too. I'm glad to see Charlie Davies scoring. I hope he can do this during the season.
Let's let Freddy establish himself in Turkey for a while before he get's another call into camp. There is a good interview he did on Extra Time Radio yesterday. Check it out at
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Whatever happens, I hope we see Chris Wondolowski get another call up to camp. I feel he was played in the wrong position during the last friendly. I would like to see Lloyd get another look as well.
Marco Pappa is going to be key to the Fire's offense. They will lose him for some time when the Gold Cup starts in June though, as well as Segares.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on MLS Season Preview: Chicago Fire at Soccer By Ives
I was just about to say that Chicago was having a promising start. Until that straight red to Pause.
That is Ferrari.
Good for him. So the Fire lost him and CJ Brown! I don't even know is back there. Where is Nyarko? And more importantly...where is Dwayne DeRosario?
That was quick. So this is the 3-5-2 formation they've been working on. Does the first still have Conde?
It is a third kit. Meaning they won't wear it often. Besides, they aren't going to wear red against Costa Rica or T&T.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2011 on USMNT to add a RED third jersey at Soccer By Ives