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jamadagnii, Check out for his excellent article on Paulbots from a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't get in just now to find the link. Maybe you'll have better luck.
I guess he can forget that.
Isaac Freund, you are aware that Jewish men also are required to pray at specific times, at least one of which will correspond to someone's work shift. You also know that to work on the Sabbath is a flagrant violation of Jewish Law and you do know that certain foods are prohibited to Jews, making "team building" events difficult to participate in, right? I mean you do know that if an Orthodox Jew wishes to work, he needs accommodation for these things, as well as for his beard and headcovering, correct. The head covering, Food and Sabbath also apply to Jewish women. So let's see. Muslims can't work in America without giving up even their innocuous beliefs because they are a threat to the American way of life and Jews also can't work in America because? Because the fact is you hate us and want us all out of your "Christian" country and it's our fault that Obama got elected and we don't need jobs because we have all the money in the world.I'm sure I missed a few but I think that covers the most important reasons. Did I get that right? mk750
I meant to identify myself as mk750 above. the Sign in changed.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on UNESCO's War against the Jews at Atlas Shrugs
I don't know what happened to my sign in but oh well! This is semi-OT. I like to look at earthquake reports from the USGS. I got an email from them today saying "DEAD SEA" region so I figured Israel and sure enough THE US Geological Survey does not recognize Israel as a region in itself. This particular weak quake was about 20 miles West of where I'm sitting off the Med Coast. That's fairly far from the Dead Sea. It's like saying something that happened in Philadelphia happened in Bayonne.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on UNESCO's War against the Jews at Atlas Shrugs
Oh, so those don't rotate? I was wondering because I like my houses as is but want to rotate my dairies and can't
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2010 on Rotatable Buildings! at FarmVille
Why after the World Cup? Sounds a bit compromising to me.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on A Journalist's Take in Johannesburg at Atlas Shrugs
Obama's gesture is unquestionably disrespectful and bullying because of his entire body language. Although, I will say this, pointing with the palm semi-turned up and the thumb extended is acceptable in a lot of cultures. Italians do this for emphasis and I had to learn to not do it after a lifetime of it being ok in an ethnically diverse community where I spent most of my time. However, this gesture should never make contact with the other person and it's actually preferable, although seemingly a bit admonishing to point the finger upwards. To me, "pointing a finger" in an accusatory or bullying manner is palm down, in a fist with the thumb bent inwards. Here in israel, it is ok to do the first gesture, again, for emphasis. Preferable tho to use the entire palm turned sideways.
Revnant Dream: Not only is he pointing, he's actually jabbing Bibi in the chest and right in his face! Bibi is backed up against the table trying to get some space. He's actually bending backwards a bit. Horrific.
Marlene, I really hope you're wrong but know you aren't. Italy's Parliament just formed a pro-Israel lobby and with Berlusconi's strong statements in favor of Israel and undivided Jerusalem, I don't think your mapping will be too difficult. Being Italian and Israeli, this is a grim prospect.
POTB, yes by all means learn Hebrew but for translations of NRG/Maariv, load Google's Chrome browser and when you go into a Hebrew web site, at the top of the page you will have the option to translate! It's pretty cool and since we live here it comes in handy for things we aren't up to reading yet.
Actually, All Israelis sign with just a mark, even the most educated among us i.e. doctors. Not a simple X or O but a unique scribble that is much harder to forge than a signature in Latin letters. I guess in part it's because even in cursive forms of Hebrew the letters are disconnected. I't pretty hard to write out a name without having it look like a third grader of either handedness. I haven't mastered my mark yet, I still tend to basically use my initials with a scribble attached.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Who Holds a Pen Like that? at Atlas Shrugs
I was a freshman in high school the 1960-61 academic year. at the time my mother was a staunch Democrat who loathed Nixon so I tended to follow the thinking I was brought up (indoctrinated) with. I happened to be in a Catholic school and we had a class debate about the two candidates. I came out pro-Kennedy for limited reasons. To a girl, all my classmates were pro-Nixon because of Kennedy's stance (anti) on aid to private schools. The teacher too was pro-Nixon for this one issue and I was berated, told I was evil, would burn in Hell, etc. My mother received a call about my unacceptable ideas. Couple of years later, I had transferred to public school and my Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Nagy, was such a leftopath she actually was mocking Abraham Lincoln for being a Republican. When I repeated at home what she said, which escapes me now, I was severely reprimanded and made to read the Gettysburg Address. I suffered the woman's truly evil leftist rot for the rest of the year. This was required and ironically in senior year, I had her opposite number in a truly vile probably neo-Nazi guy, Mr. Zink, who especially didn't like women. This "teacher" dared, (DARED!) any of us to name the States in order from Maine to California. I was in the "smart" class and no one, not even the Harvard bound boys opened their mouths. But I did. I got all the way to Nevada. Zink, was impressed and actually gave me kudos for both bravery and smarts. LOL I HATE SCHOOL because it's all leftist propaganda.
Israel, still helping out in Haiti, offered search and rescue help and it was refused. No surprise there.This is a repeat of AA 535 [is that the right flight? ] that crashed into Jamaica Bay in Dec 2001. Just some of the details have been changed.
pythagoras: they did but it took them five minutes this time. LOL
oOps. correction to last sentence above. "... he would never have considered an alliance with Satan and Americans )and those who benefit from their money) don't want to admit it." Should read: he would naver have considered an alliance with satan and Americans (and those who benefit from their money) don't wan't to admit it.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on So what? at Atlas Shrugs
Don't get me started on Tullia Zevi. She is the authority on Italian Jewry only in her own mind. She scoffed at my questions trying to research my family history in Southern Italy. To her Rome is all there is to it. Alessandra Mussolini is right whether we like it or not. It's ok to have copies of Mein Kampf for research but not Mussolini's speeches? Maybe it's because had FDR supported Il Duce, he would never have considered an alliance with Satan and Americans )and those who benefit from their money) don't want to admit it.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on So what? at Atlas Shrugs
Oh let me clarify. my statement above in no way excuses them or endorses them. I meant it as a display of how naive some people can be and how this jihad is being won, not with shoe bombs but with public relations.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on What is Wrong with this Creep? at Atlas Shrugs
Pam is at the very least a nominal Catholic, I believe. She may be a devout one. I can't remember it ever being an issue. CAIR in Tampa has a very good image despite Sami Al Ariyan and his proteges, Mohammed and Megahed. EVen the Jewish president of University of South Fl. takes every opportunity to make nice with them and their "wonderful" Muslim students. They are actually the HQ for CAIR Florida and Achmed ( his real name) can't remember the last name. is a very slick and affable guy. I noticed on their web site they have an "incident report." I wonder if it includes our Chabad rabbi and being cursed out in the local Publix by a muslima in full regalia. Nah, didn't think so.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on What is Wrong with this Creep? at Atlas Shrugs
Auntie, I lived in Tampa Bay until late 2008. Mayor Pam, as she's known, isn't Asian. I hate to acknowledge it but she's of Italian descent. Don't know if you were trying to be sarcastic or not. I hate Hussein more than anyone but is it possible he's bending over to look at the proclamation in her hands? Maybe his contact lens fell out. Who knows with this guy?
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on What is Wrong with this Creep? at Atlas Shrugs
Hi, Pam, I prefer the new banner. Your face radiates such intelligence and goodness, I think it is your best "advertisement" for what's behind those shining, big brown eyes. I'm an artist and I understand what you were trying to say with the "Atlas" one (I'm also maybe a bit more tolerant of "bodies" than the average religious person) but I feel it did tend to "objectify" you and distract some of the readership and weaken your impact. Even now, when I try to talk seriously to men some of them think it's "cute" or "sexy" and I'm 63!!! We don't need to be hags but we walk a very thin line if we're at all attractive. I don't exactly understand your question about Safari and Mac but I use both and I'm seeing you fine.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Glam Banner at Atlas Shrugs
Sarastro, first of all you offend Jews by writint the name of G-d and BTW "allah' is not oen of his aliases. as for your professors, you are either lying, you misunderstood or you chose to follow liberal, JINO's. The Torah most certainly was Not written in Babylon. It was written by Moses during the Exodus period with a few chapters at the end of Deuteronomy added by Joshua Ben Nun after Moses' death. You presume to tell a Jew her religion. Talk about hubris! And You blaspheme. Moses most certainly was NOT an Egyptian nor was he being initiated into anything. How dare you! Certain parts of the Torah were not fairy tales but were written in literary modes to convey truths that cannot be explained rationally. Adam and Eve were perhaps not literally the first two flesh and blood people on Earth but whatever it means to be human, they were the first ones to be it. You can do some reading in quantum physics to figure that one out. America is far from holy, Sarastro. It's not even mentioned in the Tanakh. That's the whole "Bible" the books in addition to the Torah. And don't fight dirty. I ,made no comments about Freemasonry that could be construed as babbling, which comes form the Tower of Babel BTW. I merely said it worships other gods. By your saying they sear on the Koran, you prove my point. allah, may his name be cursed, is not the HASHEM of the Bible. You are a troll and a liar.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Halal KFC is da bomb! at Atlas Shrugs
Joshua, NO Orthodox Jew would accept Halal. True some conservatives who don't have a kosher butcher near by will buy it but it's not kosher for a number of reasons. No Mac a chicken cannot be both Halal and kosher. for one thing they are less strict on the slaughter details but no Orthodox Jew would eat meat sacrificed to idols. Why has this blog become a means for Sarastro's proselytizing of Freemasonry? I will say this one final time and the caps are for emphasis not shouting: NO ORTHODOX JEW, ONLY THOSE WHO ARE JINO'S WOULD PRACTICE FREEMASONRY. SARASTRO, YOU HAVE DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB OF DESCRIBING THE MYSTERY RELIGIONS OF EGYPT AND THE MIDDLE EAST. THOSE ARE SPECIFICALLY THE ONES TORAH FORBIDS US FROM PARTICIPATING IN. Some of these JINO'S are simply ignorant. Others are willful and that is why they are "in name only." However, Judaism doesn't make excuses for ignorance. WE are obliged to learn what Torah means and expects of us and that includes the details of "Thou shalt have no false gods before Me."
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Halal KFC is da bomb! at Atlas Shrugs
Last year, 2008, the March for the Feast of Tabernacles (mostly Christians) passed right in from of my house. We were amazed at how the Brazilian contingent kept coming and coming and coming. It seemed as if ALl of Brazil was here in Jerusalem. We found out later it was more than 3,000 people who spent their own money to come and show solidarity. They were by far the largest contingent in the parade.
I'm just curious as to why the school waited so long and didn't move to stop it immediately. Something doesn't add up. And to the poster who said the girl must have been disruptive, apparently that's not even part of the scenario. The school never said that. They are simply adhering to a strict "no prayer in school" policy.