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Fscarn, re: your comment on Jihad Watch about Muslim percentages in different countries -- you should also add Somalia and Nigeria -- I suppose Somalia would be in the highest percentile, with all the attendant ills and evils that match that; while Nigeria might be one level down from that. (I had to post here because Marisol banned me from Jihad Watch recently; see for more details.)
I meant to add that, Stopped Clock. The Yee comment vanished without a trace, which only the blow owner can effect.
I had a strange experience with my blog (a blog on Blogspot). About a year ago, I published a long essay about Obama's problems with his radical Leftist and Islam-apologist associations. A couple of weeks later, my essay received a comment written by James Yee, a Muslim chaplain who ran into some controversy with regard to his work in Guantanamo. He didn't write much of substance, just expressed some vaguely bland bromide about "diversity" and avoiding "bigotry". I responded to him briefly. I hadn't checked that particular essay in many months, but when I checked a couple of weeks ago, the comment by James Yee had vanished without a trace. Only the blog owner can delete comments, and I never deleted his comment. The only explanation, it seems, is that Google went in and deleted his comment -- probably for him and for Obama (as James Yee was a delegate for Obama from Washington State). I can't imagine why they would want to do that, as Yee's comment didn't really have that much content.
Pam: "Salon received this tale of horror, from an "activist who forwarded it to Salon...Why Salon? It's beyond me." Actually, many if not most Iranian activists both in Iran and in the West are Leftists, some radical Leftists, and some downright officially Communist. Maryam Namazie comes to mind. So that Iranian activist might have already been warm to Salon from the get-go.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on The torture of a 17-year-old in Iran at Atlas Shrugs
Gorkhali observed: "the MSM won't cover anything that is opposed to islamist supremacism, sharia or the re-establishment of the caliphate. That would be so "racist"..." And others, notably Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, have noted the obvious multi-cultural and racial diversity of this rally. However, the PC MC paradigm that prevails throughout the West cannot rationally process this information -- it still operates by the dogma of Reverse Racism, and according to that dogma, Muslims have become the #1 Most Privileged Ethnic Minority of the World, to be defended and "respected" above all others (and most certainly above white Westerners who occupy the bottom of the PC MC totem pole). According to this dogma of Reverse Racism, any non-white and/or non-Westerner who takes a stand against Islam becomes automatically an "Honorary White" -- and thus becomes treated like a pariah. The obvious multi-cultural and racial diversity of this rally, then, becomes transformed in PC MC: All that a politically correct multi-culturalist sees, on viewing this rally, are a bunch of Honorary White Bigots and "Racists".