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Oct 8, 2014
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Jun 26, 2014
That's why PSA Hybrid Air looks so promising for small cars. Emerging markets would love it too.
"Battery regeneration" No more details. Anyone?
With all those promised connected cars, we'll have a good tool to measure precisely what an efficient car is and what is an efficient car driver is. I don't expect car companies to allow benchmarks as proposed by HarveyD, with regrets though. Meanwhile reality versus mpg tags will diverge more and more.
« En clair, l’avis des Etats membres ne sert plus à rien : l’arbitraire de la Commission est total. » Nooooon vous n'êtes pas sérieux ? Incroyable !
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"The PV system life cycle is based on 2005 technology and production data." Come on. You can do better.
A noise limitation would be welcome too! In narrow streets these devils scorch your ears before stuffing your lungs with fumes of pollution and particles. By the way this is incredible that they don't respect some basic emissions standards. Where were the regulation during all this time?
J'en conclus que vous n'acceptez pas la critique aussi modeste soit-elle. C'est malheureux mais vous êtes bien aveugle et autoritaire. Un peu comme l'UE parfois ?
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Bonjour, Vous m'avez bloqué sur Twitter sans préavis à moins que ce soit parès un saut d'humeur après un échange. J'aimerais bien en connaître la raison.
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What exactly is a high-voltage battery? And overall what advantage this system brings so that Audi is more focused on the HV system than the battery production itself?
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Sep 21, 2011