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Mr. Lady
A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in utter bullshit.
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He’d been waiting for twenty two years, five months, thirteen days and fours hours. She left in the early hours of Christmas morning before he’d woken, the presents and the child in hand, and was never seen again. He knew the day would come, if he simply let time run its course. This is the way the universe operates; it taketh away, it giveth back, in its own time. He could have pushed the issue, he could have searched, but then it would be forced and awkward and he’d have to admit some level of culpability. He knew that with... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2010 at Polite Fictions
I.....can't....breath..... I really just want you to recap your every day like this. Maybe mine, too.
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I wasn't going to read any Blogher recaps. I read every word of this. I'm STILL laughing. Hurry up with the moreness.
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Bowling, of course. And we actually do call it that. "Hey, "Heyyyy, good lookin'...wanna have some sports?"
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My husband and I often stay up alllll night long, having hot sweaty sports. Your kid's version is significantly cuter.
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Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Surfer Dude at TwoBusy
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I hate this rug. It's just so round. I hate most things that are round, now that I think about it. There's an abject hopelessness in circles that gnaws at my insides. Everything should have an end point; a place where it just stops. Circles refuse to stop. I hate circles. And this rug is going to sit here staring me back in the face for I don't even know how long. *wiggles in seat* This chair. They could have at least given me a new chair, one that didn't spin around in circles. I have no idea how I'm... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2010 at Polite Fictions
He started planning his escape the day he realized that he no longer had any room to move at all. The walls of the cage they kept him in gradually closed around him, so subtly he hadn’t even noticed until it was too late. He was surrounded by the sort of silence you hear on stock market trading floors – saturated in the white noise that you can’t hear until someone tells you to hear it. Beat beat, whoosh whoosh, thump thump, rinse, repeat. For months, in the blackness that surrounded him, he searched for an escape, a weak point... Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at Polite Fictions
Yes, and awesomely.
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Julia Roberts is on my husband's List. It makes me question why he ever chooses to sleep with me. *shudder* I love a GOOD glass of iced tea. This green tea with oranges kick I'm on? Divine. You will not talk smack about beach vacations to me. That said, I abhor cities. I'd rather go to Des Moines than New York. I enjoy politics, but only from the opposite side of my own affiliations. I'd rather go to New York than listen to a bunch of people on my side of the political spectrum talk. Other than that, yup. Especially the potato chips.
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They stood arm in arm; brothers and sisters banded together by virtue of character and devotion to truth. The bodies of the faithless lay scattered at their feet, as far as their eye could see....smouldering remnants of the personification of mortal sin, thousands of years of creation lay dying in streets and synagogues, under tables overturned in the earthly manifestation of the temple of our lord. The sky spread itself wide against the blackness of night, revealing golden, celestial lights ruddied with flame. Rockets burst in the air; pyrotechnic displays of unmitigated power showered the land with embers of great... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Polite Fictions
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